Discover the untouched nature of Hunneberg
with a guide

Laggemossen (27/6-22/8)

Mondays at 10am–12pm This walk takes us through old forest, to the raised bog of Lagge mosse. 
 We will see some old cultural history along the way. This is an area where the moose and crown game thrives. 

 We meet at the museum.
 This is a 4 km easy hike, both on trail and in terrain.

 Price adult SEK 295, children SEK 155 (6-12 yrs) 
 Family (2 adults with children) SEK 795 
 Fruits included. We recommend you to bring something to drink. 
 Max 12 persons

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Öjemossen (27/6-22/8)

Mondays at 2pm-5pm In the middle of Hunneberg is Öjemossarna, with it’s feeling of wilderness and desolation. The undisturbed location means that the moose and red dear like to stay in the area. 
 Here you will find some of the western Sweden’s oldest pine and spruce stands and an excellent habitat for the birds of the old forest. 

 We meet at the museum. We will drive in our own cars to the starting point of the hike. 
 Approx 5 kmtrs walking, mostly in terrain (no paths) Suitable from 10 yrs. 
 Price adult SEK 395, children SEK 255 (10-12 yrs) 
 Fruits included. We recommend you to bring something to drink. 

Max 12 persons

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