In the museum you will learn more about the mountain wildlife and flora, geology, cultural history and the Royal hunt.

The King of the Forest, the Elk, has a central part in the exhibition, and you have the possabilaty to get to know the Elk really close.

You will also find useful information about attractions and activities that will inspire

you to explore the Ecopark Halle – Hunneberg.

The Royal Hunt Museum is well worth visiting for both young and old.



The elk is the largest animal in the Swedish forest. It is easy to recognize because of its size and its distinctive appearance. The large ears, muzzle, and the rich beard together with the characteristic hump on its back makes it difficult to confuse with other animals.

In the interactive exhibition you will get to know the elk and all of its senses in a very playful way.


Get to know more about the animals on the mountains, such as deer, roedeer, fox and forest marten. See the wolf in the wolf pit, the beavers by its hut, the sea eagle with its mighty wings and the osprey with its newly caugth perch.

In addition to all the animals, there is a lot to learn about the mountains’ nature reserves and flora.


Hunting rights at Halleberg and Hunneberg have been owned by the royal family since 1351 when it was appointed as a Royal park. The annual traditional royal hunt was however first introduced by King Oscar II in 1885. Still to this day the mountains are host to the royal hunt. The museum's exhibition depicts these hunts with unique photos from the early hunts till todays modern hunt with King Carl XVI Gustaf.


Man has since the Stone Age to present day lived close to Halle- and Hunneberg. As early as 7000 years ago there was a resident population close to these unique mountains. The access of big and small game as well as great fishing in lake Vänern made it beneficial to live close to the mountains.

Learn more about the history in the museum.


The museum houses an exhibition on Ecopark Halle Hunneberg, where the landowner Sveaskog presents the wildlife, nature and forestry.

You will also find ideas on excursions to some of the favorite places in the park.