Sveaskog is Sweden's largest forest owner, with 15% of the country's productive forest land, and a leading supplier of timber, pulp wood and biofuel. The company is also actively engaged in land transactions, provides hunting and fishing grounds as well as land for local companies within nature-based tourism.

Sveaskog’s ecoparks – for nature and people

The ecoparks are one of Sveaskog's tools for working with nature conservation. Our aim is to preserve, recreate and develop high natural

values. At least half of the productive forest land is used for nature conservation. Wood production is conducted in most ecoparks, albeit adapted to the area's particular natural and cultural interest. Ecological values take precedence over financial values in the ecoparks. At the

same time, focus is placed on the significant role the forest plays in

outdoor life and human well-being.

Ecopark Halle-Hunneberg

The Halle-Hunneberg Ecopark was inaugurated by King Carl XVI Gustaf

in 2004. The table mountains called Halleberg and Hunneberg are sharply outlined as dark silhouettes against the sky over the Västgötaslätten plain at the southern point of Lake Vänern. The Halle-Hunneberg Ecopark's natural surroundings are magnificent and mythical, and have been a source of fascination to visitors throughout time. Hiking through the powerful precipices in the barren, windswept forest with the fertile plain far below is a powerful experience. To conserve and develop the area's natural and cultural values, Sveaskog has chosen to turn the area into an ecopark.