Imagine gliding silently across Hunneberg's magical lakes as a beautiful natural scene appears all around you. It could be a beaver sitting and eating at the water's edge, an elk coming down to the water to have a drink and quench its thirst, or a pike jumping right next to you.

Now you have the chance to experience all of this by renting a canoe at the Royal Hunt Museum.With our spacious canoes you can paddle across Lake Eldmörjan and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can rent a canoe for for SEK 300 during the museum opening hours.
A canoe can hold two adults and two children or three adults.
The museum is located a short walk from Eldmörjan and the rent includes a canoe trolley so that you can easily take the canoe down to the lake.

Day rental: SEK 300
The canoe rental includes: Life jackets, paddles and canoe trailer.

You can rent canoes from the museum during our opening hours. If you want to know more or reserve a canoe, then you can contact us by phone on: +46(0)521 27 00 40 or email us at: